Threat Assessment, Prediction and Protection (TAPP)

As one of the top cyber security firms, ACI Solutions offers the network protection industry’s leading proactive and reactive cyber threat management solution bundled under one continuous platform. TAPP pairs the latest in social analysis with cutting-edge cyber attack mitigation strategies to protect your infrastructure from every angle.

  • The seamless cycle of on-premise and cloud network security protection integrates hardware, software and services to not only stop cyber threats and attacks but also predict when these attacks will occur.
  • One single platform for all your network protection needs.
  • Proactive and reactive cutting edge technologies give you the best possible network security risk coverage.
  • The continuous cycle design adds an extra layer of protection.
  • An expert emergency response team monitoring your systems 24/7.

Solution Overview

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment

  • Companies using web applications through both secure and insecure networks such as the internet should consider the issue of cyber security among their priorities to protect their digital assets, privacy and reputation.
  • We provide a complete and comprehensive test according to today’s industry standards.

Cyber Threat Prediction Analysis

  • Sort through thousands of social profiles and digital publications, identifying common patterns, area of interests, language and socio economics identifiers.
  • Use reports based on intelligent and adaptable information on how to make public appearances, drive audience to hot topics and defend against public attacks.
  • Use valuable information to help your campaign manager and common efforts to the goal.
  • Identify lead opportunities and spokespersons among thousands of feeds and publications, to leverage public opinion.

Immediate Alert of Cyber Attacks

  • The solution was designed to help organizations best mitigate attacks by offering a single-vendor security solution that combines detection and mitigation tools. ACI’s cyber threat management solution provides maximum coverage, accurate detection and shortest time to protection.


Stopping the Cyber Attack

  • Behavioral anomaly detection – application and network layer attacks
  • Mitigate attack traffic and allows legitimate traffic
  • Deployed at the absolute network perimeter
  • ACI Emergency Response Team
  • Integrated SIEM simplifies management of system


Patch Restore and Secure the Network

  • The always-on network protection ensures that the organization is fully protected- the time to mitigation is measured in mere seconds. Moreover, in the event of an attack that requires the traffic to be diverted to the cloud scrubbing center, the protection continues with no disruption or gaps.


Cyber Threat Intelligence. Monitor. Analyze. Report.

  • The ACI Solution includes active monitoring and health checks on the protected service or application providing an organization-wide view of security and compliance status from a single console.
  • Ongoing cyber threat intelligence reports regarding all system mitigated attacks (automatically mitigated or invoked) are available for viewing on a web-based service portal.
  • The built-in Security Event Information Management (SEIM) system provides an organization-wide view of security and compliance status from a single console.


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