Successfully Deploying New Solutions

ACI’s deployment services can help by providing expert assistance to develop implementation plans and to install, configure, and integrate new solutions or applications in your production network. We offer project management, post-implementation support, and ongoing knowledge transfer. The ACI Team spans across 157 countries with local certified engineers who all speak English and the native language.

Integrating with security and new capabilities without compromising infrastructure availability or performance is critical to success. As you introduce new solutions or applications into your production infrastructure, you need to be sure they are deployed in accordance with your company’s work flow and culture.


Global Deployment Services

  • Global Operations Management
  • Project Management
  • Implementation Planning
  • Technology Installation, Configuration, and Integration
  • Infrastructure Deployment
  • Local Vendor Coordination

Low-Cost of Startup:

With IntelliVoice, there is no equipment, software, or licenses to purchase up front. ACI Solutions makes set-up easy by providing the IP Phones, LAN switches, voice gateways, a broadband connection, and unlimited local and domestic long distance phone calls.


More effectively manage the deployment of new solutions and infrastructure by gaining continuous insight into your operations with ACI’s Deployment Services. ACI provides the ability of having one point of contact for any services needed, with access to our team of certified experts spanning across 157 countries.

Why ACI Services

Whether you are looking to evolve your network to support regional business continuity and growth, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, enable a more reliable customer experience, or mitigate risk, ACI can tailor our global services to fit your corporate strategy we have a service that can help you. ACI uniquely delivers innovative solutions, unmatched expertise, and smart service capabilities using a collaborative partner approach.

The ACI Team

The ACI Team forms the largest collection of industry-certified experts in supporting the most complex systems networks to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. ACI collaborates with local partners to foster consistency and alignment with ACI methodologies, tools, and leading best practices.


Find out how ACI Solutions can streamline your IT and security processes by contacting our sales team.  Fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you soon!